Monday, 6 June 2016

I Just Installed New Car Window Tint

Sometimes my wife thinks that I love my car more than her, and to be honest, that is a difficult question to answer. I do spend a lot more on my car than the wife, but then she does have her own job. I bought my Ford Mustang about four years ago, and I treat it like it was a child. If so much as a fly makes a mark on it, I have to clean the whole vehicle. In a way, I may have some kind of illness, as I do not even clean myself that much. Check out Austin window tint.

I am forever adding things, and upgrading, and last week I had to change the car window tint on the drivers doors, as the original were no longer in an acceptable condition for me. That job ended taking a lot longer than I thought, partly as my little lad kept asking me questions about everything that I was doing. It was good to see him trying to learn something rather than spending his time on a game console though. Now with the new tint installed, the car looks like new again, and I can drive it around with pride.

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  1. Is that guilt I hear in your words? Nah, a man needs a hobby to keep from getting under his wife's feet. You don't say what you call your car? A car needs a family name, then everyone gets fond of it. Nice to hear you share your pride and joy with your son!